Makin’ That Slow Dough: The Step Your Game Up Editition.

Alright – I have told myself again and again that I need to take this thing a little more seriously … but you know, I am a twenty something bum  running around working demeaning jobs and getting silly drunk. So, here I am sitting down on a raining and drastically cold night in February actually … the 29th of this gloomy ass month, that shit don’t come around to often.

What actually inspired me to get back on this Elephant Shoe of a project was this particular video I scooped off the Wax Poetics blog … so I guess i am re-blogging like a true commuter on the information superhighway, passing off other people’s finds as my own. The only speed limit I know is fast, so lets just enjoy this bad boy. I have seriously played this video – not actually watching the video – three or four times in a row, as a matter of fact I am listening to it right now. Anyways enough of this self proclaiming coolness … Hold on, I just read the little blurb on the WP blog. This girl is actually on that magazines label, everything is starting to make sense now.  here is it he video.

Kendra Morris “Concrete Waves”

Next up on the chopping block, I have another gem that I have stumbled on – I haven’t been posting on here for way too god damn long so I have a bunch of shit stacked up in my digital crates that I will be dropping periodically, and hopefully on a semi-consistent basis. This is just another gem I picked up during the semi-unintentionally hiatus Elephant Shoesss took for a little while.

I am sure many people, the many people, were devastated when this small little corner of the blogosphere, let along the internet stop producing new content for you lazy as music heads to dig on a pass off as your own legitimacy in some sort of contact cool experiment but I am back baby and get ready to spread some of the freshest shit out there right now and melt panties, I hope this song, or rather the sharing/knowledge of this song gets you laid.

Anyways, ill get off my high horse and drop this next joint on you. enjoy.

In the last piece of this comeback tour I am currently killing I got an oldy but a goody – I don’t want to dump all my fresh shit on you too early and killing my back catalog of freshy fresh! A now defunct Toronto classic in my opinion. It fucking awesome what the true essence of rock and roll and do to a small electro group out of scumy scumy city that Toronto can be some times.

So, In closing it is nice to see you again Elephant Shoess, its been a real trip coming back here with no plan and really not to much to say to deaf commuters but than again it feels good again to just write what comes to mind on this boring as fuck Wednesday night cooped up in my Moms house with nothing to drink and only a few cigarettes left. Cheers.


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